Greene King Finder's Fee

To be eligible, you must meet the criteria in our Introductions Policy:

  • We will pay standard fees of £30,000, plus VAT for all successful introductions
  • All introductions remain live for six months only
  • An introduction will not be considered as a genuine introduction, unless it includes the name, address, post code, a site plan, lease and rental details where appropriate
  • An introduction will only be valid if it is not previously known to us and the introducing party has no legal interest in the site nor any contractual or personal interest as agent, developer, builder or otherwise
  • To be eligible for payment any introduction must be acknowledged in writing (letter or email) by a member of the Greene King Acquisitions Team and evidence of this acknowledgement may be requested by us prior to payment of the introductory fee
  • Should an introduction not lead to the relevant site being acquired by us, but that site is latterly acquired as a result of another introduction from another party, then you will not be entitled to receive the introductory fee
  • Agents acting on our behalf will be expected to undertake negotiations with vendors/landlords in order to agree detailed heads of terms that meet with our standard requirements and assist in the provision of information to secure board approval
  • Regular monthly updates on progress are required to remain eligible for a fee
  • Fees are payable upon completion of the acquisition